Issues with Water, Fire and Mold

When it comes to Land, there is always issues environmentally. We have to deal with Fire, Water, Erosion, Pollution and Mold.

Fire is not easy to prevent. It is a matter of how much rain the area has had and what type of terrain that is on the land. Most times cleaning the brush and keeping the dead trees to a minimum will help you stave off some of the chances, but it will not stop all of the issues.

Water is another one that merits addressing as well. It is very unpredictable. There is very little you can do to stop it. Dams and levees can hold the water from rising, but sooner or later it will cause a problem.

Erosion can be worked on. There are plants and certain types of dirt that can be put down to help slow it down. Erosion has a component of water and that can be minimised by making sure the runoff is  channeled away from the area of erosion.

Pollution deals with a ton of different scenarios. The first is has there been spraying in the 30’s and 40’s using some type of DDT or other petrochemical. There is going to have to be samples of the land to be taken. Another normal pollutant is heavy metals which could be coming from the ground water, so that will also need to be checked.

Mold is a pollutant but usually it is only an issue in buildings on the land, but due to the nature of land contracts, they are going to be a part of it. When buildings have been sitting for a long period of time there is a great chance that the environment has gotten to it. Moisture has leaked in and there will be damage to the internal portion of these buildings. If you are lucky, it will be a normal type of mold that will grow, but most times you are going to get black mold. Once black mold has been established, the clean up is going to be more costly. Take a look at what happened in Houston with a mold infestation.

Conclusion: a lot of issues are part and parcel to land contracts besides the land itself. Make sure you know about all of them before you start to deal with Land Contracts.

Dealing with Fire, Water and Mold Damage