Mold as Pollution in Houston

Mold Can Cause Air Pollution


There are many types of mold in the air. They are tiny microorganisms and are usually invisible to the naked eye. Some of the spores are harmless, but there are those that are potentially hazardous to a person’s health. The one type of mold that is deadly is the toxic black mold. This type of mold should be avoided as best as one can possibly do. Mold typically grows when the spores in the air get in contact with wet or damp surfaces which encourage its growth.

Different mold levels explained

Mold, as earlier stated, is not usually hazardous, but there are types of mold which do produce deadly toxins. These toxins produced by mold growth can be hazardous to human health and the surfaces that they get in contact with. Within the environment, and within houses, there are acceptable levels of mold spores. By acceptable levels, it means that humans can comfortably live with that amount of mold spores in the air without getting negatively affected.

The best way for a person to know if they are living within an environment which has acceptable mold levels, is by consulting a mold testing company. The tester will of course carry out tests which will determine the mold levels and give any recommendations that a person needs to adhere to. If the levels exceed acceptable levels, a mold remediation company should be contacted as soon possible because mold as air pollution is dangerous.  If you need to know how much mold remediation cost estimation is, give them a call.

Your Health and Mold

When mold spores are present in high unacceptable amounts in the air, there are some health effects that come with it. Mold is ingested into the human body through being breathed into the nose. It can also be taken in through the skin and through the eyes. Some people are adversely affected by high mold levels in the air, while others are not.

Factors that determine how a person is affected by mold

There are various factors that will determine how an individual will get affected by high mold levels. These factors or a combination of them vary from person to person. The overall health status of a person is one major contributing factor. A person may be more prone to diseases or their immune system could be lower than recommended. Family history is another factor. The amount of time that a person has been exposed to this class of fungi is another determining factor. The other two important factors are the amount of time that a person has been exposed to mold spores and the actual amount of mold spores in the air.

Negative health effects of Mold

For a person with dust or spores allergy, mold spores in the air are a threat to their health. This person’s allergy will be triggered or worsened by the spores in the air. They might even get chest complications because of the toxic black mold spores that they are ingesting into their lungs.

Another danger is that people suffering with obstructive lung disease could easily get lung infections if the spores happen to land inside their lungs. This in turn will cause labored breathing and induce wheezing for the victim.

Another rare but really dangerous mold effect is that it can induce respiratory fungus infection. Mold as air pollution, when it reaches the lungs of a vulnerable person will take root there and trigger this type of infection. If this infection is not treated in good time, it is potentially life threatening at worst and will reduce quality of life at least. This is not anything that anybody would want to affect them; hence it is best to urgently seek medical intervention if you suspect that you might have contracted this infection.

People who have asthma are also not exempted from this mold air pollution menace. When a person is surrounded by unbearable amount of toxic black mold spores and has asthma, ingesting the spores can trigger asthmatic symptoms. Some of the symptoms that will be triggered are: wheezing, chest tightening, labored breathing due to shortness of breath, or even induce an asthma attack. This is a good reason to avoid such conditions entirely for asthmatic patients.

There are other symptoms which a person may experience like a runny nose, skin irritations throat and eye irritations, unusual fatigue and unexplained headaches.

Mold as air pollution can be hazardous to a person’s health. This is good reason for a person to look for means to test the quality of air that they breathe in and to take the necessary steps to make it safe for human life. If you are in Texas, call a premier mold inspection company in Houston.

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